40% off membership at IEMA

40% off membership at IEMA

Transforming the world to sustainability. It’s a bold vision that we need you to help us realise.

We’ve partnered with TOTUM to give you Student membership for just £15.

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We are the body for environment and sustainability professionals worldwide.

We support individuals and organisations in setting and achieving globally recognised standards for sustainable practice, driving development and uptake of sustainability skills.

We add value for members by providing the knowledge, connections and recognition necessary to lead change within organisations.

We believe there’s a practical way to a sustainable future for everyone, and that our profession has a critical role to play. If you share our ambition for change or are thinking of a career in environment and sustainability then we want you to join us and make IEMA part of your learning experience. Student membership puts your studies, whatever your discipline, in a real-world context, connecting you with the people, discoveries and challenges that are defining the sustainability profession today.

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