Save on beer + get free delivery with Flavourly

Save on beer + get free delivery with Flavourly

Flavourly is on a mission to bring craft beer to the everybody. They aim to make drinking the best craft beer at home more convenient and affordable than ever. They do this by collaborating with the top craft brewers to bring you exclusive, high-quality and great-tasting craft beers that you want to drink. These beers are made to order just for the Flavourly community; that means they’re super fresh and delivered right to your door, by the case, at unbeatable prices. It would be rude not to, right?

Apprentice extra members can get a selection box of 20 craft beers with two free tasting glasses, Craft Beer Magazine, filled with in-depth features, interviews, recipes and more - worth £5.00, and an artisan snack with no subscription needed all for just £29.95 and free delivery! The box will be filled with expertly-curated craft beer with a selection of Crowdsourced Collaborations. All with free delivery too. It’s beer o’clock somewhere, right? 

Looking for the perfect gift for a beer lover? Don't worry - whether it's a light lager, happy IPA, refreshing golden ale or rebust porter, Flavourly's Crafted Beer boxes contain small batch brews carefully selected by our team of experts to make the perfect give. Apprentice extra members can save 5% on gifts.

Terms & Conditions:

  • See website for details.
  • 5% off gifts & 20 craft beer offer ends 31.12.20.

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