Honestly Good Smoothies

Honestly Good Smoothies

Get 100% organic, sustainably soured smoothie kits from Honestly Good Smoothies. Hand-prepared, choose how often you’d like your delivery and get blend-it-yourself smoothie kits delivered direct to your door. Your smoothie kits will arrive freshly frozen, lovingly wrapped in a blanket of wool ready for you to pop in your blender when you’re ready! You can even return your sustainable packaging!

Get 50% student discount when you sign up to Honestly Good Smoothies. Apprentice extra members get 50% off the price of your first order when you sign up for an Honestly Good Smoothie subscription. Your 100% organic, sustainably sourced, blend-it-yourself smoothie kit will be delivered to your door - just pop it in your freezer and pop in. Your blender when you like!

Terms & Conditions:

Pixel fires Purchase of any product (and rolling subscription). Returns if a user cancels before item is dispatched and for duplicates.

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